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      About CET

      About CET

      Designed For ReliabilityManufactured To Last

      CET is a leading vendor of Energy Management System and provides complete solutions for energy management & power quality monitoring for the commercial, industrial and utility markets.

      CET supplies high quality yet economical Energy Management Solutions which include Digital Power and Energy Meters, PQ Monitors, Ethernet-to-RS485 Gateways, Smart RTUs with embedded Modbus Mastering and Logging as well as intelligent Energy Management Systems that cater to a wide range of industries and applications since 1993.

      • 10000㎡+

        Production Bases
      • 1300+

      • 10+

        Worldwide Distributors
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        R&D Centres
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        Design Institute


      The solutions

      Energy Mgmt. System

      Mediacorp is a group of commercial media companies in Singapore, with business interests in television and radio broadcasting, interactive media, and, to a lesser extent, print publishing and filmmaking.

      Data Integration

      A newly established Power Plant in India was looking for a solution for integrating data from various models of Energy Meters and Protection Relays within the plant.

      Centralized Data Centre

      REC Green Technologies Company Limited is an energy solution company in Hong Kong that strives to provide innovative Energy Solutions for their clients to create a greener and healthier living environment by optimizing the building performance in terms of environment protection, energy efficiency and saving.

      Remote Sites Monitoring

      Meralco is the largest electric distribution utility in Philippines. They power 5.6 million customers and the sales revenue was US$ 7.0 billion in 2013. They was looking for a solution to monitor their remote customers' energy usage conditions and help them to get better management of their load profile to reduce Peak Demand Surcharges.

      Commercial Building

      This is a case about the application of PMC-592 in a typical commercial building in Asia. Most of the higher floors within the building are occupied by data centers and IT companies, while the lower floors are shopping mall with 100+ retail shops.

      Power Quality Monitoring

      A power utility in Hong Kong provides a highly-reliable supply of electricity to 80% of the city’s population. Their business includes power generation, transmission and distribution. A PQ monitoring system based on a proprietary protocol was maintained for many years for fault notification, location, diagnosis and performance evaluation. They have been planning to replace the existing proprietary system with an open system that can work with multiple brands of PQ monitors in order to resolve their concern of a closed system by a single supplier.

      Products & Services

      Products and Services


      News center

      Product Highlights

      Product Highlights

      iMeter D7
      The iMeter D7 is CET’s Advanced DIN Rail Mounted PQ Analyzer designed for the compliance monitoring market as it offers un-surpassed functionality by combining Class 0.2S accuracy and advanced PQ features in a compact 145×124×77mm housing with a High-Resolution, Color IPS Dot-Matrix LCD display.
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      The PMC-350-C 3-Phase DIN Energy Meter is CET’s latest offer for the wireless IoT energy metering market using the LoRaWAN technology for its Long-Range wireless communication capability.
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      PMC-T404 is a high-precision electrical fire monitoring detector integrating residual current, temperature and three-phase current detection. It completes real-time monitoring, early warning, alarm and protection of residual current, temperature and three-phase current, and can effectively shield and filter lines Due to the influence of leakage current generated by high-order harmonics, it adaptively protects the normal leakage fluctuation of the line PMC-T404 is a high-...
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