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      Contact CET

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      RMA Procedure

      1.In the event of hardware problem, please send 'RMA Request' to CET;

      2.CET will issue an RMA number if investigation is needed;

      3.After receiving the RMA number, please send the faulty hardware to CET as ‘Return-for-Repair’. All returned hardware must have a valid CET RMA number for tracking purpose. Do not return any hardware until an RMA is issued;

      4.All claims filed for hardware units that fail (under warranty) will be repaired or replaced at the sole discretion of CET;

      5.CET will return new (if warranty) or repaired hardware back to distributor with 'RMA Report';

      6.Case closed.

      Job Title:
      *Phone Number:
      Postal Code:
      PO Number:
      Project Name:
      Device Model:
      Serial Number:
      *Issue Description:
      Note: Please select the message type first and then fill out the fields marked with an asterisk (*) .
      Please also kindly send the photos of your faulty device(s) to:
      (Photos can be decisive. More photos will be appreciated.)